What does ACTS XXIX do?

We identify, equip, and accompany pastors and their leadership teams to create an evangelization and discipleship road map that is unique and practical for their parish culture.

How does ACTS XXIX do this?

ACTS XXIX does this by adhering to the following strategic anchors:



By this, we mean pastors who are committed to organizational health and who are willing to do whatever it takes to transform their parishes so that God can get His world back.


By this we mean several things.

First, we will physically come to a parish. This will better enable us to engage the pastor, his team, and to observe the parish culture.

Second, we are not financially driven. Our ministry costs between zero and whatever a parish may want to offer to pay it forward. The only requirement is travel and a place to stay.

Third, we want to partner with parishes that are strategically located in places where initial seeds of renewal are happening, as well as in areas of the country where the Gospel is most unknown.


By this, we mean we are committed to helping a parish create a road map for evangelization and discipleship that is unique to its own parish culture because we recognize that there is no “magic bullet” or one-size fits all.