Our Three Essential Principles:

Our work is rooted in what we call three essential principles. Each of these
principles requires extraordinary effort but reaps extraordinary

Acquiring a Biblical Worldview

This worldview, which comes from Scripture and Tradition, enables us to accurately see God and His relationship to the world He created, loves, and has rescued in the death and resurrection of Jesus. It’s imperative to get this worldview correct. It’s imperative to understand that even now—regardless of how it appears in the Church, our world, and our country—Jesus is truly Lord and that all authority in heaven and on earth has been given to Him. To prayerfully soak in this worldview is to experience profound healing on countless levels, brings great confidence in the power of the gospel, and is restorative for priests and the people they serve. Ultimately, to soak in this worldview is to be overwhelmed by our true identity and to experience the satisfaction that is the deepest desire of the human heart: to be loved.

God is the Architect

It is from this worldview that the third essential principle flows (we know, we skipped a principle…we’ll come back to that in a moment). This principle involves walking with you to discern what and how God, the Master Architect, is asking you to build. God already has a blueprint for every parish and that our work isn’t so much to create something on our own, but to prayerfully discern that blueprint. We find passages like Psalm 127 and the instructions to Moses in Exodus to “build according to the pattern” God shows him to be very appropriate here. This ensures that a parish won’t simply replicate what they have seen work at another parish, but will arrive at a plan that is unique to their own particular circumstances.

Staff -> Team -> Family

In order to prayerfully discern and construct God’s “blueprint” for your parish, a pastor and his staff must transition from being merely a staff to a healthy team and ultimately a family. This is the second essential principle. To be sure, this requires an enormous investment of time, work, and energy, but it’s worth it! We draw heavily on the excellent insight of Pat Lencioni and his work around organizational health. We are absolutely convinced that without this work, it’s not possible for a parish to be all that God intends it to be.

How does ACTS XXIX do this?

ACTS XXIX does this by adhering to the following strategic anchors:


By this, we mean that bishops will assist us to identify missionary pastors in their diocese who are committed to our three essential principles and who are willing to do whatever it takes to transform their parishes so that God can get His world back.


By this we mean several things.

First, we will physically come to a parish. This will better enable us to engage the pastor, his team, and to observe the parish culture.

Second, we are not financially driven. Our ministry costs between zero and whatever a parish may want to offer to pay it forward. The only requirement is travel and a place to stay.

Third, we want to partner with parishes that are strategically located in places where initial seeds of renewal are happening, as well as in areas of the country where the Gospel is most unknown.


By this, we mean we are committed to helping a parish create a road map for evangelization and discipleship that is unique to its own parish culture because we recognize that there is no “magic bullet” or one-size fits all.