Frequently Asked Questions

Why is there a need for ACTS XXIX?

The Archdiocese of Detroit held a Synod on the New Evangelization in 2016. “That Synod was the ignition spark that is to set the Archdiocese ablaze. Its goal was nothing less than a radical overhaul of the Church in Detroit, a complete reversal of our focus from an inward, maintenance-focused church, to an outward, mission-focused church” (Unleash the Gospel [UTG*] Introduction). This goal is not only applicable for the Church in Detroit but throughout the country and beyond. The crucial question is how does this beautiful, Spirit-driven vision become a concrete reality? Many pastors, parishes, and dioceses are eagerly seeking a compass and map to respond to the challenges of the current situation facing the Church. “A radical overhaul” will require constant vigilance and courage so as to not return to our default ways of doing things in the Church, “i.e., maintenance mode.” ACTS XXIX is uniquely poised to help provide that compass and map.

Why the name ACTS XXIX?

The inspiration for the name comes from the pastoral letter, Unleash the Gospel, in which Detroit Archbishop Allen Vigneron writes, “The book of Acts ends in chapter 28 with Paul under house arrest in Rome, still boldly preaching the Gospel. Luke ends without finishing the story because the story of the Church’s mission continues in every age. We are living the 29th chapter of Acts!” (UTG Marker 1.1).

We believe the Holy Spirit is writing the 29th chapter of Acts right now and we are eager and excited to be a part of His transforming work.

What does ACTS XXIX do?

We identify, equip, and accompany pastors and their leadership teams to create an evangelization and discipleship road map that is unique and practical for their parish culture.

How does ACTS XXIX do this?

ACTS XXIX does this by adhering to the following strategic anchors:

Missionary Pastors: By this, we mean pastors who are committed to organizational health and who are willing to do whatever it takes to transform their parishes so that God can get His world back.

High Touch/High Impact: By this, we mean several things.
- First, we will physically come to a parish. This will better enable us to engage the pastor, his team, and to observe the parish culture.

- Second, we are not financially driven. Our ministry costs between zero and whatever a parish may want to offer to pay it forward. The only requirement is travel and a place to stay.

- Third, we want to partner with parishes that are strategically located in places where initial seeds of renewal are happening, as well as in areas of the country where the Gospel is most unknown.

Practical but Non-Prescriptive Support: By this, we mean we are committed to helping a parish create a road map for evangelization and discipleship that is unique to its own parish culture because we recognize that there is no “magic bullet” or one-size fits all.


Acts XXIX is a pre-existing team of men and women who:
• have experienced this transformation in a SE Michigan parish;
• have coached more than 100 other parishes locally and nationally;
• have an experienced pastor as a part of the team (something that in our experience makes us unique); and
• are committed to being “on the ground” with pastors and parishes as they help them reclaim their parish’s missionary identity.

Is ACTS XXIX recognized by the Catholic Church?

ACTS XXIX is recognized as an apostolate and is listed in The Official Catholic Directory (Kennedy Directory). Visit their website to learn more about The Official Catholic Directory.

How can people help?

We are looking for men and women to partner with us by praying daily, fasting, and sacrificing for our mission.

We also need partners to fund our mission. Among the many things that makes us unique is that we are not financially driven. As stated above, our ministry costs between zero and whatever a parish wants to give. Freely we have received from the Lord, freely we desire to give (cf. Mt 10:8). This means we are looking for friends who can financially support our work so that the Gospel can be unleashed without placing any burden on parishes who are passionate about renewal.

Can I make a donation now?

Yes. Online giving and EFT are now available through our Give page. Checks can be made payable to “ACTS XXIX” and mailed to:

Deacon Steve Mitchell
25363 Waltz Rd.
New Boston, MI 48164

Are my gifts tax deductible?

Yes! ACTS XXIX – Mobilizing for Mission is a non-profit 501 (c) 3 and all gifts are tax deductible.

When does ACTS XXIX formally begin?

Archbishop Vigneron officially approved our work as of December 10, 2018. Because we currently are serving in a parish, our full-time work will begin in July 2019.

* Learn more about Archbishop Allen Vigneron’s Unleash the Gospel.

Want to learn more about ACTS XXIX?

Stay in touch with us! We will keep you up-to-date on the latest happenings.