Frequently Asked Questions

What is ACTS XXIX?

Almost everyone involved in parish work is painfully aware that something is broken. Priests and lay leaders are often exhausted, discouraged, overworked, and spend much of the day putting out fires and playing “whack-a-mole.” These realities contribute to staff tension, dysfunction, and little time or energy to make the changes that can bring about great transformation because fires continue to rage around them. We know this. We’ve been there. And we were blessed to experience God do something that changed everything for us. 

ACTS XXIX is small team of itinerant missionaries, who partner with pastors and their teams to help address this crisis that we know so well first-hand. We don’t claim to have the answer to the crisis. But we do have some answers from the work God has graciously allowed us to be a part of in renewing a parish. We are convinced this culture change can happen anywhere. Paul says freely we have received, so freely we are to give. It is our conviction that what God did in us, was not simply for us, but for others who find themselves in a similar place. We eagerly desire others to experience the same transformation, hope and encouragement the Holy Spirit brought about in us. 

Why the name ACTS XXIX?
Who is on the ACTS XXIX Team?
Why is this work so urgent right now?
What is the work of ACTS XXIX and how do you accomplish it?
What’s unique about ACTS XXIX?
Can you give us some examples of the fruit you’ve seen?
How does ACTS XXIX discern God’s call?
When ACTS XXIX partners with a parish, what do you actually do?
What is the desired outcome from working with a parish?
Do you have anything to offer parishes who aren’t partnered with you?
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